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New Profanity

Fuck Me + Fuck Off Spray Set

Fuck Me + Fuck Off Spray Set

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Finally a room spray for before and after sex!

Root + Ether and New Profanity teamed up to offer you the Fuck Me + Fuck Off spray set!

The FUCK ME spray sets the intention for passion + play! Spray around your bedroom, on your pillows, or between the sheets. The FUCK ME spray contains Rose Quartz to invite compassion, promote self-love, and open one's heart.

The FUCK OFF spray sets the intention to cleanse + refresh! Spray to refresh dirty sheets, purify musty air and banish any lingering energy. The FUCK OFF spray contains Snowflake Obsidian to purify the soul, ground one's body, and banish negative thots;)

When finished with your spray, the crystals will be infused with your good intentions. Keep them close, meditate with them, or turn them into jewelry!

Purchase includes two 2 oz bottles: 1 Fuck Me Spray / 1 Fuck Off Spray 


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